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25+ years of experience in healthcare, trusted by 70+ healthcare organisations at home and abroad and far from finished with improving healthcare: we are Performation.

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Performance is completely in its elements when it comes to improving healthcare. With smart software, lots of data and astute employees, we help healthcare professionals deliver and organise better care. Hospitals have trusted us for 25+ years. We are now using the experience we have gained during this time for the rest of the healthcare chain. Our goal: to make an impact on healthcare and keep it accessible, high-quality and affordable in the long term.

Our people, with their energy and ambition, help Performation see opportunities and actively respond to them. We are guided by our core values: connecting, inspiring and astute. Performance sets the bar high. We strive to become smarter and better and actively invest in unraveling data patterns, making better predictions and analysis and translating these into unique standard solutions. Where necessary, we aid in the process to achieve sustainable improvements. We put you first: with reliable and innovative software and our unique services, we make healthcare better. This is how Performation will remain successful for the next 25 years.

We are organised as a network; flexible, multidisciplinary and agile, in which entrepreneurship is organised in independent business areas. These are focused on specific product/market combinations with individual responsibility for innovation, added value and quality. Our unique national Datagateway is used as a fast-learning healthcare system. We set high standards for data and information security, are certified where possible and prefer to work based on open market standards.

This makes Performation scalable as an organisation and we have the ambition to grow. We do this from our existing activities and in adjacent markets with existing products. We look outward with an open mind to invite new parties to join us. Together, this gives us the extra strength to develop faster and thus connect even better to the changing healthcare market.


We are proud of our ambition to grow. In recent years, several parties have joined us and we have entered into various collaborations with great organisations to further improve healthcare. Curious about what such a collaboration could look like?

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Optimally manage the hospital with data

Optimally manage the hospital using data. That is what Performance supports. Particularly in the areas of capacity management, finance, care registration and management information. In your healthcare organisation, everything revolves around the best care for patients. Performation supports the effectiveness of the organisation, using smart tools and data and advice. We have a solution for every focus area within the organisation, based on one data source as a stable force. We are continuously working on improvements to make the controls even more efficient. Innovation, optimisation and efficiency are our driving forces. We optimise the business operations of your hospital, so that you can focus on your patients.

Together for the best care.
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A solution for every challenge

Improvement is possible in all areas

We believe in the power of integrated information provision. We offer support in improving healthcare provision with a data-driven approach. We have a solution for every department in your hospital, based on one data source as a stable force.

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