Improving Healthcare

Supported by our rapid learning healthcare system, we are able to collaborate with various parties. Want to know more? Read on.

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Performance is completely in its elements when it comes to improving healthcare. With smart software, lots of data and astute people, we help healthcare professionals organise and deliver better care. Healthcare organisations have trusted us for 25+ years. Our goal: to make an impact on healthcare and thus keep it accessible, high-quality and affordable in the long term.

To achieve this, we use a faster healthcare system: our Datagateway. Our Datagateway is now connected to 70+ healthcare organisations. This application uses AI and machine learning to collect, analyse and interpret information to further improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. The Datagateway can collect and analyse real-time data. This also helps our independent business areas to innovate further. They all focus on a specific product/market combination with their own responsibility for innovation, added value and quality.

Our Datagateway and business areas make Performation scalable as an organisation and we have the ambition to grow. We do this from our existing activities and in adjacent markets with existing products. We look outward with an open mind to invite new parties to join us. Together, this gives us the extra strength to develop faster and thus connect even better to the changing healthcare market.


MedSpace is part of Performation

MedSpace has joined Performation in 2022. The main product an innovative online scheduling application for medical specialists. MedSpace retains its independence but continues together with Performation based on the belief that combining knowledge, skills and decisiveness offers additional possibilities.

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Patient Journey App and OnlinePROMS

Digital healthcare

Patient Journey App is the smart combination of home monitoring, personal education and virtual communication. This allows patients to experience more control over their care path and enables healthcare providers to provide more efficient care in a personal manner.

OnlinePROMS is the complete solution to measure the effectiveness of a treatment and the patient experience and, if possible, optimise it from there. OnlinePROMS is the most flexible and user-friendly platform to collect large amounts of data for VBHC, monitoring and scientific research.
The platforms are used by more than one million patients, at more than a hundred healthcare institutions at home and abroad. We are proud that they have joined Performation in 2023.

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Rehabilitation register

Data provides insight into the effectiveness and quality of rehabilitation

Revalidatie Nederland (RN) and the Dutch Association of Rehabilitation Physicians (VRA) have launched the Rehabilitation Register together with Performation. This register provides insight into the existing data on patient groups, treatments and effectiveness of all diagnoses within medical specialist rehabilitation.

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Hematological studies supported with quality data

RONDA is a collaboration program between the Netherlands Integrated Cancer Center and Performation. Performation has developed a Datagateway for the automated retrieval of clinical data directly from the EHR. RONDA has now extensively tested this Datagateway for various (particularly hematological) studies. Performation’s Datagateway has been validated as a method for extracting clinical data directly and automatically from the EHR.

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