This why you choose Real World Monitoring

Real World Monitoring: because every patient deserves the best care

You want to keep healthcare accessible. This requires change. But how, with what, and to what end does this lead?

Real World Monitoring can help your healthcare organisation, as it provides reliable, relevant, and real-time insights. This accelerates innovation and digitalisation. It provides insight into how to optimally utilise people and resources. To be healthily organised and to keep healthcare accessible. And with the Integral Care Agreement (IZA) as a starting point, this means better care for everyone.

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What is important to you?

I want to provide better healthcare through…

Duurzaam begroten en sturen

Sustainable budgeting and management

Do you, like Juul from Helene Schweitzer clinic, want to optimally utilise available potential?

Meteen inzicht in resultaat

Immediate insight into results

Anke from St. Antonius can see at a glance what works to improve healthcare.

Meer datagedreven werken

Embrace more data-driven practices

Make smart decisions based on facts, just like Willem from Tandarts Today.

We’d love to show you

Team Real World Monitoring is here for you! We do this with the conviction and experience that Real World Monitoring contributes to better care for everyone. But does this also suit you? Sanne or Maarten would be happy to explain how we, from Performation, make your care more measurable and manageable.

Curious about how this works for your organization? Call Maarten or Sanne. They will listen to your needs and can show you what Real World Monitoring can do for you.


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