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Become and to stay in control of the registration of provided healthcare

A good registration of provided care is a must for a financially healthy healthcare organisation. But the registration of care takes a lot of time and effort. Our consultants advise on registration issues and processes. This way, we ensure not only that the basics are in check but we also support further development and optimisations. We use a combination of our years of experience and our software to help you towards the best results.

Case | Curaçao Medical Center

Checks on provided care reveal inaccurate registration

Every hospital registers patient care in an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Not only to support the care process surrounding a patient, but also to ultimately get the costs reimbursed. But an EHR only works optimally if it is properly set up and there are no incorrect or incomplete registrations. The Curaçao Medical Center also experienced this. Because despite a brand new EHR system, care was not always registered correctly and that cost them money.

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Curacao medical center
Curacao medical center
Ella Sijbesma | Business area manager

Solid registration of healthcare is becoming increasingly important for healthcare organisations. We can help you!

Healthcare organisations are working continously on improving the quality of the registration. We offer software that support this, with daily checks as well as dashboards. Curious? I’d love to tell you more.

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