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Data from all dental practices consolidated into one central system

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Having a robust, central repository for gathering source data is pivotal for accurate data management. This not only enables better decision-making but also enhances operational efficiency. “Our primary objectives were to gain real-time management insights and to easily compare information across our locations,” explains Willem Snieders, the financial director of Tandarts Today. The solution: implementing a source system that aggregates all data from affiliated dental practices.

Tandarts Today, established in 2015 and headquartered in Veldhoven, is a rapidly expanding chain organisation that acquires local dental practices. Presently, approximately thirty practices entrust their administrative tasks to Tandarts Today while maintaining their individual identities. “This approach liberates practice owners from peripheral issues and the mounting workload associated with compliance with legislation and regulations.”

A profession of its own

Tandarts Today aimed to centralise data from all affiliated dental practices into a single source system to gain deeper insights and enhance operational efficiency. “Previously, we were overly fixated on financial key performance indicators (KPIs), whereas we needed to identify KPIs that truly drive practice improvement, whether they are qualitative, financial, or operational in nature. In essence, we sought information that could genuinely enhance the quality of our services and care.”

Willem Snieders, financial director of Tandarts Today:

“Previously, we were overly fixated on financial key performance indicators (KPIs), whereas we needed to identify KPIs that truly drive practice improvement.”


With this objective in mind, Tandarts Today enlisted the expertise of Performation to establish a management system or source system, wherein data from all affiliated dental practices is consolidated. “We maintain our own data infrastructure and oversee data management internally. While we possess the capability to extract data from various sources through intricate means, consolidating data from diverse sources into a central database is a specialised task. Performation has alleviated much of our workload. Moreover, the system is designed to be self-manageable in the future.”

Concrete Management Insights

According to Snieders, the most enlightening aspect of the new Tandarts Today system is the significant, specific disparities observed among practices. “Without this information, one remains oblivious to the true dynamics among practices. For instance, we can now not only ascertain the percentage of patients who promptly schedule a follow-up appointment after their dental visit but also discern variations across different days and understand the underlying reasons. Armed with this data, practices can adjust their operations to optimise appointment scheduling. Another example is the correlation between preventive care and fillings, yielding actionable management insights for dentists.”

Willem Snieders:

“If we have a conversation with a dentist tomorrow, it’s advantageous to have up-to-date data.”


Performation typically operates within the hospital realm, but has demonstrated its versatility beyond that, as evidenced by its successful collaboration with Tandarts Today. “But they had to prove themselves,” Snieders remarks with a smile. “Managing dental practices involves quite specific considerations. There are numerous factors influencing how the system should interpret data. We had to navigate through that together, and Performation handled it very well.”

With the push of a button

All Tandarts Today practices are now connected to the same source system, often through integrations. This means that Tandarts Today now has immediate access to information from all affiliated practices. “When we have a meeting with a dentist tomorrow, it’s reassuring to have up-to-date information available. With the push of a button, we now receive all the information from various sources within our data system. This data enables us to easily compare against other practices, ensuring that our conversations are always meaningful and constructive. Our operational team can now bring along a handy overview during practice visits. It’s incredibly helpful.”

Unified source system

In conclusion, Snieders emphasises that the value of data cannot be underestimated. “This source system provides us with significant insights into what drives practices, what creates value, and also into the factors that can greatly enhance the quality of our services. Yes, we are completely satisfied!”

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