The power of integrated information provision

We believe in the power of integrated information provision. With a data-driven approach, we offer support in improving your care provision. We have a solution for every department in your hospital, based on one data source as a stable force behind this solution.


An extensive suite with standardized tools

Use the power of real-time management and create the most optimal coordination between finances, quality, capacity and the patient process throughout the hospital. Build unlimited scenarios, simulate new situations or let the tools generate the optimum. With the solutions and products from Performation, hospitals get a grip on their processes.


Our consultants are happy to help you with every issue

Performation consultants help healthcare organizations to generate insights from data with our tools, enabling you to make better decisions and work smarter. With the help of advanced techniques such as data, text and process mining, forecasting, predictive modeling and simulations, causes and solutions become visible.