Advice with strategic management

As a CEO of a hospital, you naturally want to know what the greatest risks are that your organisation is facing, and you would like answers to specific questions. We help hospitals with such strategic issues. For example, we identify ways to improve their financial situation, analyse the impact of a potential merger, and help develop a new financing method for care. Our approach is always data-driven and fact-based. You will get clear answers that have been thoroughly substantiated.


For strategic management you need quantitative insight. With the ‘Strategy scan’ we gladly help you on your way. In addition, the ‘Precious patients’ process provides you with insights into patients who are responsible for loss of revenue within the hospital.
Ruud Hopster Senior consultant

Looking for the biggest risks together

‘Hospitals must always adapt to the changing market conditions. Outline agreement, demography and capacity issues are just a few examples of the strategic challenges you face as a CEO. That makes running a hospital such a great job, especially if you are well informed.

Performation consultants use smart data analysis to identify opportunities for every hospital.’

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