Negotiations with insurers

The financial risks with respect to revenue have increased in recent years. More and more, insurers/payers are passing on risks to the hospital and are exerting social pressure to realise more effective care. In combination with the further specialisation within hospitals, revenues tend to decline. It is not easy to obtain fair compensation for the care provided, year after year. We are happy to help you with this challenge. We believe that our data-driven approach is the key to managing your production and achieving the best results in negotiations with healthcare insurance companies.


Within ‘Revenue and market ‘ we offer quantitative insights and (daily) support in order for you to remain in full control of your revenue and thus your financial position in this changing and challenging market.
Ruud Hopster Senior consultant

More win-win results from negotiations

‘With an in-depth data analysis you bring up issues that both healthcare insurers and hospitals can benefit from. Our experience is that this analysis, with the correct interpretation, is recouped in threefold at the negotiating table. Let us take a look together at your specific situation. ‘

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