High quality of care

Your hospital wants to provide the best quality of care to the patient and always wants to be one step ahead in terms of innovation like Value-Based Healthcare. To do so, it is important to focus on healthcare outcomes and the corresponding costs of providing high quality healthcare. Based on your existing data, we monitor several indicators for undesirable healthcare outcomes and their financial impact. Using Reflex, we can monitor patient safety within the entire hospital population or break it down to departments, diagnostic groups or patient groups. In addition to Reflex, we are currently developing algorithms for the automatic detection of adverse events in the electronic patient records. This makes targeted improvements of patient safety possible. Our experts are here to help you provide the best care, now and in the future.


With Reflex you monitor the outcomes of care for the entire hospital population. Automatic detection of adverse events makes targeted research into improving patient safety possible.

Els Keesman Productmanager

The best care for the patient of today

‘In terms of quality and safety, a lot of time is spent learning the past. For example for the delivery of indicators, investigation into incidents, calamities and file investigation into adverse events. The trick is to apply what has been learned from the in the past. This can be done by making smart use of the data that is already available. I am happy to tell you what the options are. ‘

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