Cashing in data

In the healthcare sector, we collect a lot of information that could possibly generate a lot of value for your organsation. After all, organisations who use this information and the insights show better results. This is because data and insights tell us what areas need improvement and how to capitalise on them. Our ‘Data-Driven Management’ solution helps your hospital to capitalise on your precious data. We do this by integrating data from different subsystems in the hospital in a user-friendly way and then make them available in our Datawarehouse. This Datawarehouse contains data from your own hospital and adds benchmark data and public information. We will provide you with easy-to-use dashboards and analyses. In addition, our ‘Intelligent Hospitals’ project can help you make an impact based on the information currently available and become a leader in the field of healthcare data.


The Datawarehouse contains data from your own hospital supplemented with relevant data. “Intelligent Hospital” helps to be at the forefront of healthcare.
Roy Staal Business lead

When does your hospital start with data analysis?

‘Research by (among others) McKinsey and Gartner shows time and again that successful organizations have a high degree of digitization and taking data-driven decisions. With the Performation data platform we give hospitals a huge boost in the field of data-driven management and artificial intelligence. ‘

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