Care registration

Registration check and automatic derivation

A sound administration is a must for a financially healthy hospital. This is not easy. The care registration at a hospital takes a lot of time and effort, and it isn’t always done right the first time. We can support you with our registration control product Notiz, Notiz Self-Examination and Horizontal Supervision. In addition, we can support your medical encoders with the automatic derivation of the ICD-10 principal and secondary diagnoses, using Artificial Intelligence and the knowledge and expertise of our professionals. You can use our tool or purchase a full-service package, which means that we take care of all registration tasks on your behalf.


To get and keep the registration in your hospital up to date, these products offer you guidance.
Ella Sijbesma Business lead

Good care registration is becoming increasingly important for hospitals

‘Hospitals are working on improving the quality of registration. We offer products that support this, with daily checks and dashboards. In addition, we offer the option to automatically register using AI. Curious? I am happy to inform you. ‘

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