Capacity is under pressure

Hospital capacity is under pressure because of a growing demand for care and shortage on the labour market. This asks a lot from hospitals and from you as a (capacity) manager. You must further improve the productivity and efficiency of the care provided by your hospital, despite your resources being limited. We will support you in the process of optimising your capacity. We have experience, expertise and tools to help you increase productivity and improve care within the boundaries of your current, limited capacity.


You improve the planning of nursing staff, outpatient visits, OR’s and beds. This is done by analyzing where there is room for improvement and by monitoring whether we are going to achieve these goals.
Auke Speet Business lead

Job market is under pressure

‘How can your hospital provide optimal care despite limited resources? We have experience, expertise and tools to deliver more production and better care with the current limited capacity. I’d love to talk to you about it. ‘

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