The correct financial resources

Drawing up an ambitious yet realistic budget is never easy. All kinds of changes within the hospital, such as changes in demand and production, pressure from the health insurer/payer or a changing portfolio, makes it difficult to create a realistic budget. However, a sound budget is important to make sure that all departments have the right financial resources to fulfill their mission within the hospital. We are happy to help with your ‘Budgeting’ ambitions.


The ‘Budget’ and ‘Production Capacity’ products will help you make the right and fact-based decisions.

Realistic picture of the capacity requirement

The products within the Budget solution give you a realistic picture of the hospital’s need for capacity and their impact on the financial budget.

Krijn Pepping Productmanager

With a realistic budget you are and remain 'in control'

‘Is it challenging for your hospital to get a realistic budget? We have the expertise and tools to advise and support you. ‘

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