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Automates strategic advice

• Overview of performance and greatest risks


Maps financial risks

It is not easy to stay on top of all projects in a hospital and identify the greatest risks. Annual strategical advisory projects, however, are expensive. The Strategy Scan is the solution you are looking for. We combine technology and analyses to provide strategic advice and use our various tools to identify financial risks. We will examine costs and income, the potential for improvement in your capacity planning, care registration and quality of care, to give you early insight into what to focus on to minimise risks, stay financially healthy and continue to provide the highest-quality care.

This is how the 'Strategy scan' works

In the ‘Strategy scan’ we combine technology and analysis to provide strategic advice. By deploying our various tools, we identify the financial risks.

The advantages

  • Combination of technology and analyses
  • Efficient strategic advice
  • Advice based on details and data-driven conclusions
  • Focus on the key issues
  • Overview of performance and risks
Ruud Hopster Senior consultant

An answer from all our solutions

‘Do you want to know where the greatest risks lie for your hospital? The Strategy scan combines all our solutions. Would you like to know more? Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you. “

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Relevant product

In addition to the Strategy scan, the Precious Patients analysis also provides insight into the financial risks.