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Hospital mortality, unexpectedly long stay and unplanned readmission

“Reflex” is a software solution for monitoring and analysing three important outcome indicators that tell a lot about patient safety and the care provided: hospital mortality, unexpected prolonged patient stay and unplanned readmissions. These indicators are corrected for patient characteristics and can be broken down to diagnosis, age, operation, urgency and medical specialty. Reflex shows hospitals where they can still find room for quality improvement. The solution also enables hospitals to carry out file investigations into ‘adverse events’.

The advantages

  • Hospital-wide outcomes, per department, diagnosis and patient group
  • Based on existing data, so no additional administrative burden
  • Insight into striking cases
  • File investigation module
  • Insight into the relationship between mortality, patient stay and readmission
Els Keesman Product owner

Where is room for quality improvement?

“You want to deliver high-quality care in your hospital. Sounds plain and simple right? But to be able to do that, it is important to see where quality improvement is exactly needed. This solution provides you with these insights. Want to know how? Contact us for more information.”

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