Capacity mangers and financials


Connects production, capacity and finances


Facilitates a feasible budget process


Connection between three areas

In hospitals, production budgets, capacity budgets and financial budgets are often drawn up independent of each other, even though they are strongly correlated.

To link these three areas, we have developed the ‘Productioncapacity’ tool, which lets hospitals determine the required annual outpatient, OR and bed capacity based on the production budget and production agreements. In its calculations, the tool will take the dynamic nature of healthcare & demand for healthcare, the financial budget and health relocation into account, thus optimising annual capacity allocation.

The advantages

  • Required capacity based on the production budget, taking the variability of care into account
  • Connect to practical capacity planning.
  • FTE budget based on required capacity
  • Find out how the Isala hospital uses ‘Production capacity’.
  • Calculate various scenarios for specific or general patient groups
  • Find out how ‘Production capacity’ works.
Floris Beltman Product owner

Taking into account the dynamics in health care (question)

‘There is almost no sector as dynamic as the healthcare sector. After all, you never know for sure how many patients you will receive in a day. To adjust your strategic capacity determination, this tool offers a solution. Would you like more information about this? Please contact me. ‘

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