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Strategic determination of staff capacity

The ‘Staff capacity manager’ supports hospitals in determining its personnel capacity strategy in the nursing wards. The tools lets hospitals use data to set Evidence-Based nursing standards based on patient population characteristics. In addition, its powerful features let hospitals configure their preferred degree of flexibility and test the effect of several models. The Nurse Capacity Manager contains a unique algorithm that uses patient attendance, EBS standards and the preferred degree of flexibility to calculate the required deployment, so that you can easily determine your workforce configuration. Because the tool is scenario-based, you can move around patient groups to your heart’s content to create your ideal department and configuration.

The advantages

  • Create and edit scenarios
  • Scenario analysis
  • Determine nursing standards
  • Design and optimise nursing flexibility
  • Support inter-departmental collaboration
Floris Beltman Product owner

Easily determines the formation

‘The hospital never knows for sure how many staff will be needed in, for example, six days. With this tool, the hospital can determine the nursing standard based on the characteristics of the Evidence Based patient population. Curious how it works? Contact us now. “

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