Medical specialists


Fair compensation


Driving force behind improvement


Sensible, economical and high-quality care

The future requires sensible, economical, high-quality care. We want medical specialists and hospitals to join forces to make this happen. Well-balanced financial incentives can help, which is why we have developed the Performance model. This model is based on important KPIs for medical specialists and for hospitals, pertaining to aspects such as quality of care, productivity, workload and eagerness to work, budget and turnover.

The advantages

  • Progressive compensation model for medical specialists
  • Fair distribution of income based on data
  • KPIs and corresponding objectives
  • Focus on productivity, quality and workload
  • Daily insight into KPIs
Thomas Herngreen Productmanager

Rewarding for a valuable contribution to all aspects of healthcare

‘Meaningful analysis of data is going to make healthcare better. We cannot do everything yet, but we already know so much; patient experiences in the PROMS and NPS, case mix corrected outcomes via DICA, financial results, employee satisfaction. Let us use all of these resources to improve healthcare and reward employees for their valuable contribution to all aspects of healthcare. I am committed to that every day! ‘

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