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The ‘Outpatient capacity manager’ was developed especially for capacity management in outpatient clinics and organ function departments. This tool lets hospitals monitor its performance, carry out scenario analyses, determine the consultation hour capacity and design consultation hour schedules, enabling hospitals to optimise their outpatient clinics and organ function departments, to effective reduce access hours and limit overrun in outpatient clinics.

The advantages

  • Performance monitor and capacity reporting
  • Create and edit scenarios
  • Scenario analysis
  • Design consultation hour schedules
  • Consultation hour optimisation
Floris Beltman Product owner

Optimize outpatient clinics

“Limiting the outflow of outpatient clinics to a minimum is on the wish list of many hospitals. This tool supports the execution of that wish. In this way it offers the possibility to design consultation hours. Curious how? Contact us for an explanation.”

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