Healthcare administration


Automatic completion of financial attachments


Complete control over accountability


An efficient implementation of the self-assessment

Hospitals and health insurance companies have agreed to actively work towards making the process of checking claims submitted by hospitals more efficient and effective. The key principle is that claim quality will improve when hospitals check and account for their claims to health insurance companies through the Scaled-Down Justifiability Check (Self-assessment). The ‘Notiz Self-assessment’ module supports the complete and scaled-down version of the Self-assessment, from mapping data analyses and partial observations to completing financial attachments. All actions in between, such as determining sample size and financial impact per sample, can be carried out by the hospital completely independently.


  • The tool provides support throughout the entire process
  • Re-certified annually
  • Automatically complete financial attachments
  • Standardised reporting format
  • Use of experienced consultants
Ryanne Altenburg Product owner

Insight into the quality of declarations

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