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Integrated control of business operations


Manage processes and capacity


All hospital data together in one place

A hospital is a complex and dynamic organization. Everyone oversees a piece of the puzzle, but who oversees the whole puzzle? The Hospital Control Center continuously monitors all operational processes and the availability of capacity throughout the hospital. Powerful predictive algorithms make continuous forecasts for the coming hours and days and alert you about capacity issues before you see them. Smart intelligent systems support you in making the right decisions to effectively resolve operational problems in your business operations.

In addition to the Hospital control center (for integrated hospital-wide operational management), we also offer a Planning control center for admission planning. With this we offer the admission planning a way to be in control of the total admission planning process and an optimal use of OR, beds and staff.

The advantages

  • Real-time managing
  • Early warning intelligence
  • Library for decision support procedures
  • Flexible design

In control from front to back

Live overview of the pre-hospital process and the ambulances that are on their way to the current situation at the emergency room, radiology, OR and the bed house. From insights into the current availability of staff and doctors to the outflow of the patient and the availability of beds in the region. Completely in control from the front to back.
Floris Beltman Product owner

Being able to control patient flows

‘The Hospital control center is not a single screen or set-up. We have control centers for, among other things, admission planning, the operating theater, the outpatient clinic and wards. Depending on your needs, we design a tailor-made hospital control center for you. Do you want to know more? We are happy to give you the additional information.’

More about the Hospital control center

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