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Insight into treatment costs

You want to compare your performance to that of similar hospitals. The ‘Costs and efficiency benchmark’ provides insight into treatment mix, profile and cost price differences. Are certain DTCs cheaper or more expensive in your hospital than in other hospitals? How do your stay duration, diagnostics and number of appointments for specific DTCs compare to similar hospitals? And are your cost prices per care activity higher or lower than the benchmark? The Benchmark provides a full overview and lets you analyse the underlying details online.

The advantages

  • Insight into treatment mix, profile differences and cost price differences
  • Cost type, care product and care activity analysis
  • Provides trend information
  • Spread of hospitals
Marloes Huurman Product owner

Have you ever been 'lost in data'?

‘Our new benchmark gives you faster insight than ever before and really enables you to implement change within your hospital. I am happy to tell you more. “

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