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Minimise expensive patients

Significant improvement in financial results


Focusing on the most extreme

By focusing on the most extreme outliers and most expensive patients, we can identify significant potential for improvement in your hospital. Normally, we benchmark average patient groups in the hospital, but this process focuses specifically at extreme outlier patients. These individuals are particularly interesting, because in an average hospital, the 1,000 most costly patients lead to losses of approximately 10 million euros. We will reduce the prevalence outlier patients in your hospital, thus exposing you to less risk. Together with KMPG Health, we can generate financial benefits for your hospital and your patients.

The advantages

  • Focus on the top 1,000 patients
  • Insight into more than € 10,000 worth of loss per patient
  • Cut to the core quickly with fast analysis and conversations
  • Specific solutions and immediate results
Els Keesman Product owner

Spearheads for improvement

‘By combining existing data at the patient level, you quickly gain insight into spearheads for improvement. This provides improvement for the patient, with an interesting business case. ‘

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