Controllers and department managers


Calculates cost prices of healthcare activities and healthcare products


Foundation for benchmarks and business cases


What are the actual costs of the care you provide?

Insight into the cost price of the healthcare provided by your organisation is crucial when it comes to managing it. ‘Cost prices’ will enable your hospital to optimise and improve care processes, thereby reducing costs. The tool tracks and shows expenditure per department and cost type, highlighting which activities were carried out by every department, and displays the relationship between costs and activities. This results in an integrated cost price, based on the department’s financial statements. Because the cost price can be broken down into individual components, it can also be used for benchmarks, business cases and budgets. In addition, knowing your cost price is indispensable when negotiating with insurance companies.

Insight into costs per activity

The tool provides insight into how much money has been spent per department and per cost category, which activities have been carried out in that department and what the relationship is between costs and activities.

The advantages

  • Simple where possible, detailed where required
  • Low maintenance
  • Transparent
  • Reports (cost price and breakdown of healthcare activities and products)
  • Integrated with Data gateway, Budget and Benchmark Costs
  • Suitable for all types of healthcare organizations
Marloes Huurman Product owner

Insight into cost prices is essential for management

‘Cost prices enable you to relate costs per department to care delivery. Based on your own reality, with detailed results. How does that work? I would be happy to explain it to you. “

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