Healthcare administration


Faster and more consistent coding


Insight into national coding rules


Database with medical terms and concepts

Codifix supports medical coders in searching and finding the right ICD-10 diagnose code. The foundation of this tool is a large database of medical terms and concepts, including abbreviations and synonyms, supported by an alphabetical index. You can also search within accidents, neoplasms and medication. Codifix is complementary to your hospital’s own software. You can easily copy and paste codes into your EHR.

The advantages

  • Search, find and enter diagnoses
  • Insight into national coding rules
  • Record and update your own coding system
  • Extensive database of medical concepts
  • Add synonyms yourself
Pieter-Frank van Boven Product owner

Advice on implementation of the various implementation phases

‘Finding the right ICD-10 diagnosis code is not always easy. Performation can support you in this process. Would you like to learn more about what we can do for you? Contact us using the form below.’

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