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Create your own capacity dashboard

‘Cards’ lets hospitals create their own capacity dashboard in an instant using the control maps from the map library. Cards offers templates for day-to-day bed consultations, weekly bed coordination,  discharge management and personnel deployment. The tool also lets you create your own dashboards, giving you immediate, clear-cut access to all control information at all time. Cards gives hospitals the opportunity to create 14-day forecasts, allowing them to identify bottlenecks on time and respond properly. Cards supports hospitals in improving their tactical and operational control and optimising the utilisation of their available bed, outpatient, OR and personnel capacity.

The advantages

  • Lets hospitals create 14-day forecasts
  • Create your own capacity dashboard
  • Control information made available immediately
  • Identify bottlenecks on time
  • Improved tactical and operational control
  • Integrates control into day-to-day processes
Floris Beltman Product owner

Control information immediately and clearly available

‘Cards’ offer the hospital prognoses up to 14 days in advance and ensures that you identify bottlenecks in time and make adequate adjustments. Curious about all its possibilities? Please contact me or complete the contact form below. ‘

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