Business intelligence and advanced analytics


Project and change management


Training and education


Helping healthcare organizations to generate insights from data

Performation consultants help healthcare organizations to generate insights from data with our tools, enabling you to make better decisions and work smarter. With the help of advanced techniques such as data, text and process mining, forecasting, predictive modeling and simulations, causes and solutions become visible.

Targeted advice for improvement

We provide targeted advice for improvement. Our consultants help you to optimize processes and ensure that changes are sustainably safeguarded through intensive guidance and training.

Areas of expertise

  • Product implementation and advice
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advice
  • Change and project management
  • Training and education
Pieter Veenstra Business manager

We are happy to give you advice

‘The healthcare landscape is constantly changing. Does your hospital go along with the changes and does it have to face the future with confidence, or do you and your employees still have to take the first steps? You cannot do everything alone at the same time. The first step may then be to seek advice from experienced care consultants. An introductory appointment is easily made. ‘

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