Who we are

We offer healthcare providers smart solutions to get a grip on processes.

Performation HOTflo offers smart solutions to healthcare providers to help them get a grip on processes. We work together to make the future better for patients, using knowledge and expertise, innovative technologies and a passion for healthcare.

' Together we work on a better future for the patient'

How does it work in practice?

Uniform, integrated information provision is essential for the effective management of an organisation, from strategic decision-making and tactical planning to operational management. With our Data gateway, we collect data from various source systems and forward it to our Data warehouse and other Performation products. When it comes to improving patient care, making proper use of the enormous quantities of data available in hospitals is crucial, and Performation’s Data gateway provides the infrastructure to do just that. Thanks to the automated access to data, we can process said data in a structured, uniform fashion.

We provide an extensive suite, consisting of standardised tools. Tap into the power of real-time control and optimise finance, quality, capacity and patient process coordination. Build unlimited scenarios, simulate new situations or let the tools optimise processes. Performation’s tools and solutions help hospitals get a grip on their processes.

Our consultants

Performation consultants help healthcare organisations use our products to generate insights from data, so that you can make better decisions and work smarter. Advanced techniques such as data-, text- and process mining, forecasting, predictive modelling and simulations can highlight causes and solutions. We provide targeted recommendations for improvement.

Our consultants help you optimise your processes and will help make change sustainable through intensive guidance, support and training sessions.

Our core values


We strive to be inspiring in everything we do. We think it is important to be at the forefront of concepts, technology and working methods. Our people and customers inspire us to create solutions for even better patient care.


We work with smart solutions and smart people! We are strong analytically and with our solutions and services we can offer healthcare organizations a lot.


We connect. Not only with our integrated tools but also through the connecting power of our people. We connect data with tools and tools with consultancy. We do this together with our customers. We believe in the power of co-creation.

12 solutions and 24 products

Improvement is possible in all respects

Various problems can be found in hospitals. Performation has solutions for each of these problems.